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Woodland Flowers

Part of the work that we carry out in the wood, with the help of various experts, is the monitoring and recording of plant and animal species that we find.

We have now recorded over two hundred different types of flowering plants and grasses, many of which are closely associated with the coppice management that is carried out within the wood.

Moth and fungi surveys are ongoing. With information gained from these studies we have been able to make minor changes to our woodland management to help conserve specific rare species.

Bedeguar Gall or Robin's Pincushion on Wild Rose


Blue Bells in Spring

Self Heal


Meadow Sweet

Seed of Greater Burdock


Hazel Nuts

Hazel Flower


Hazel Nut Wedged into the bark of an oak tree so that the bird, probably a nuthatch, can peck through the shell

Greater Butterfly Orchid

Common Spotted Orchid

Nettle-leaved Bellflower



False Oxslip (result of cross pollination between Primrose & Cowslip)

Herb Paris - a rare plant that is only found in Ancient Woodlands