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Coppice Management

Coppicing is an ancient form of woodland management that has its origins in the Neolithic times.

Coppicing is the regular cutting back of trees or bushes in a sustainable cycle. Freshly cut Hazel and Ash trees will throw out a number of new shoots from the stump or “stool”, producing a new crop of straight poles every seven to twelve years which can be put to many uses, such as stakes and binders for hedge layers, wattle hurdles for garden borders, pea and beam sticks and charcoal.

The regular cutting back of the woodland trees allows light to penetrate to the ground and promotes a wide range of flora and fauna to flourish., We have recorded over 200 different plants species and have healthy populations of small birds that thrive on the abundance of plant seeds, insects and the dense cover that the newly grown Hazel coppice provides.

Our aims in managing the wood

Ancient semi-natural woodlands are a vital part of our heritage; they provide a rich habitat which supports a wide range of plants and animals. Many woodland species depend on them for their survival.

They are all that remains of the original forests that once covered most of Britain and now occupy only 1% of the land.

Our aim in taking on the management of Rawhaw wood was to restore the long history of coppice management that had taken place on the past, and in doing so enhance the biodiversity and historical features of the woodland and also to provide us with a sustainable income from the products we produce.

We have divided the wood into twenty sections, between half and one and a half acres in size. We work two areas each winter. The sections marked in green on the map were coppiced last winter. The areas marked in red will be worked next year, 2006/2007.



Newly Cut Hazel Coppice

After 1 years growth

2 Year Old Hazel Coppice

3 Year Old Hazel Coppice

5 Year Old Hazel Coppice, producing lots of hazel nuts

10 Year Old Hazel Coppice